Health & Well-being Mentorship


Health & well-being are more than looking good in a bathing suit (though that is nice!) or being strong enough to run a marathon.  Together they allow for a life of longevity, productivity, and meaningful social connections.  They are the mind-body connection that, when accessed, ensure one can successfully thrive and flourish.  Life on Life Coaching meets you where you are at this very moment and will help you find that connection with a personalized development plan designed just for you.

Relationship Building

Like most things that carry significant meaning, a healthy relationship must be tended to on a regular basis. No matter the nature of the relationship (marriage, divorce, parenting or work relationships), Life on Life Coaching will work with you one-on-one and help you develop and implement a personal plan that will strengthen your relationships with others and yourself.

Positive Corporate Culture

Presenteeism may seem like a made up word, but it is in fact a real thing. Studies show that employees who work in a culture of stress and anxiety will have greater rates of missed work days due to illness as compared to those who work in a culture that supports well-being. The difference can affect both productivity, labor costs, and ultimately the bottom line. Life on Life Coaching offers well-being programs for both employees and management to help companies assess the health of their culture and address any areas that may need some improvement.

You are such an amazing woman and you inspire me every day! Love this blog post and I'm so grateful to have you as my life coach. NC