My No BS 'Mom-isms' on Parenting

Relationships are tough, but parenting is the toughest of all. You grit yourself through it. Pour your very best lessons and wisdom into your loving but often resistant and rebellious offspring, and you hope for the best.

There was a window when my kids were hungry for my pearls of wisdom. And then there was that season, like age 12 to forever more, when I wondered if they heard a single word that I said. And I self-doubted my parenting. A lot.

And then one day you start to get glimpses into these now adults and suddenly you realize that oh yes, somethings did stick!

Non-Traditional Mom-isms  bY cAITLIN bUSSCHER

Non-Traditional Mom-isms bY cAITLIN bUSSCHER

I am blessed beyond measure. My children have turned out to be the most amazing, loving, and responsible humans I could have hoped for. The kind of people you truly like and want to hangout with.

I know I can’t take all the credit for who they are today. I know I made many mistakes in my parenting journey. But if there is one thing I’m truly grateful for, it is that I did not give up my parenting responsibilities, even and especially when they resisted me the most.

This article on parenting, penned by my daughter Caitlin Busscher, brought me to tears and gives me hope that at least some of my mom-isms stuck. I hope it encourages you to stay on your parenting journey and to be kind to yourself when you don’t get it right.