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Coaching is not therapy. Life on Life Coaching helps you look forward, helps you assess your goals for well-being in a non-judgmental manner, and helps you create actionable plans. Click here for more details on how coaching works.

“I’ve learned how to take care of me.”

I was a runner…as in someone who ‘ran away’ from my goals for fear of failure. I’ve learned how to set wellness goals that are realistic and achievable. I’ve learned how to prioritize me, and my self-care needs.

— D.M.

“Going on family hikes!”

I thought I wanted to lose weight and felt like a constant failure when I couldn’t stick with a diet. With coaching what I learned is that what I really wanted was to be fit so I could participate in my grand-kids’ lives. That realization was empowering, and better than trying to be a certain size. And in the process, I’ve become healthy and am losing weight!— M.T.


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